innovative with pointer
digitalization at the poi/pos

Pointer’s ultrasound technology is the next level following beacon, qr code, bluetooth & wifi


Pointer transmits an inaudible signal (for humans) in 30° angle directed to the user. Thereby communication is established between pointer’s loudspeaker and the microphone of the smartphone including the App.

Pointer sends data via a signal to the microphone of the user’s smartphone and simultaneously opens an app even without server connection or WIFI reception.

pointer is carefully orchestrated offering seamless interaction with marketing; media, inventory and e-commerce solutions.

Pointer empowers brands to build their community at the POI/POS, bringing consumer closer, literally and figuratively, to their product.

The city lives: Frankfurt-Germany

New Life between the Cathedral and the Roemer. Be invited to the world‘s digital guided city tour, on- and offline.

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